This command will return the real value X angle of the camera.

Return Float=CAMERA ANGLE X()
Return Float=CAMERA ANGLE X(Camera Number)
Camera Number

The camera number


This command will return the real value x angle of the camera

Example Code
autocam on

make matrix 1,4000,4000,100,100

set matrix height 1,50,50,500

update matrix 1

backdrop on

color backdrop rgb(128,0,0)

while inkey$()<>"x"

set cursor 0,0

print "angle x:";camera angle x(0)

print "angle y:";camera angle y(0)

print "angle z:";camera angle z(0)

print "position x:";camera position x(0)

print "position y:";camera position y(0)

print "position z:";camera position z(0)

x#=x#+mousemovey() : y#=y#+mousemovex() : rotate camera 0,x#,y#,0
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