This command will convert the specified object to use a new FVF Format.

CONVERT OBJECT FVF Object Number, FVF Format
Object Number

Specify an object number between 1 and 2415919103. FVF Format Dword
This value is a positive number between 0 and 4294967295.


This command does not return a value.


FVF stands for Flexible Vertex Format and represents how much data each vertex of your objects meshes contain. Use this command to prepare an object for use with a vertex shader effect. The FVF Format is specified using bits. Each bit represents an element that will be created within the vertex data. The FVF bits are specified within a DWORD and are as follows: FVF_XYZ=0x002, FVF_XYZRHW=0x004, FVF_XYZB1=0x006, FVF_XYZB2=0x008, FVF_XYZB3=0x00a, FVF_XYZB4=0x00c, FVF_XYZB5=0x00e, FVF_NORMAL=0x010, FVF_PSIZE=0x020, FVF_DIFFUSE=0x040, FVF_SPECULAR=0x080, FVF_TEX0=0x000, FVF_TEX1=0x100, FVF_TEX2=0x200, FVF_TEX3=0x300, FVF_TEX4=0x400, FVF_TEX5=0x500, FVF_TEX6=0x600, FVF_TEX7=0x700, FVF_TEX8=0x800.

Example Code
No example code is provided for this command