This command will return the state of the specified virtual key.

Return Integer=GET KEY STATE(Virtual Key Value)
Virtual Key Value

The hardware key value


The value of zero or one if the key is not pressed, the two states being the toggle state for that key. A negative value is returned if the key is pressed.


The example below contains the complete list of virtual key names and the hexidecimal value you should use to detect activity on that key.

Example Code
rem Virtual Key Detect

rem VK_LBUTTON        0x01

rem VK_RBUTTON        0x02

rem VK_CANCEL         0x03

rem VK_MBUTTON        0x04

rem VK_BACK           0x08

rem VK_TAB            0x09

rem VK_CLEAR          0x0C

rem VK_RETURN         0x0D

rem VK_SHIFT          0x10

rem VK_CONTROL        0x11

rem VK_MENU           0x12

rem VK_PAUSE          0x13

rem VK_CAPITAL        0x14

rem VK_KANA           0x15

rem VK_HANGUL         0x15

rem VK_JUNJA          0x17

rem VK_FINAL          0x18

rem VK_HANJA          0x19

rem VK_KANJI          0x19

rem VK_ESCAPE         0x1B

rem VK_CONVERT        0x1c

rem VK_NOCONVERT      0x1d

rem VK_SPACE          0x20

rem VK_PRIOR          0x21

rem VK_NEXT           0x22

rem VK_END            0x23

rem VK_HOME           0x24

rem VK_LEFT           0x25

rem VK_UP             0x26

rem VK_RIGHT          0x27

rem VK_DOWN           0x28

rem VK_SELECT         0x29

rem VK_PRINT          0x2A

rem VK_EXECUTE        0x2B

rem VK_SNAPSHOT       0x2C

rem VK_INSERT         0x2D

rem VK_DELETE         0x2E

rem VK_HELP           0x2F

rem VK_0 thru VK_9 are the same as ASCII "0" thru "9" (0x30 - 0x39)

rem VK_A thru VK_Z are the same as ASCII "A" thru "Z" (0x41 - 0x5A)

rem VK_LWIN           0x5B

rem VK_RWIN           0x5C

rem VK_APPS           0x5D

rem VK_SLEEP          0x5F

rem VK_NUMPAD0        0x60

rem VK_NUMPAD1        0x61

rem VK_NUMPAD2        0x62

rem VK_NUMPAD3        0x63

rem VK_NUMPAD4        0x64

rem VK_NUMPAD5        0x65

rem VK_NUMPAD6        0x66

rem VK_NUMPAD7        0x67

rem VK_NUMPAD8        0x68

rem VK_NUMPAD9        0x69

rem VK_MULTIPLY       0x6A

rem VK_ADD            0x6B

rem VK_SEPARATOR      0x6C

rem VK_SUBTRACT       0x6D

rem VK_DECIMAL        0x6E

rem VK_DIVIDE         0x6F

rem VK_F1             0x70

rem VK_F2             0x71

rem VK_F3             0x72

rem VK_F4             0x73

rem VK_F5             0x74

rem VK_F6             0x75

rem VK_F7             0x76

rem VK_F8             0x77

rem VK_F9             0x78

rem VK_F10            0x79

rem VK_F11            0x7A

rem VK_F12            0x7B

rem VK_F13            0x7C

rem VK_F14            0x7D

rem VK_F15            0x7E

rem VK_F16            0x7F

rem VK_F17            0x80

rem VK_F18            0x81

rem VK_F19            0x82

rem VK_F20            0x83

rem VK_F21            0x84

rem VK_F22            0x85

rem VK_F23            0x86

rem VK_F24            0x87

rem VK_NUMLOCK        0x90

rem VK_SCROLL         0x91

rem VK_LSHIFT         0xA0

rem VK_RSHIFT         0xA1

rem VK_LCONTROL       0xA2

rem VK_RCONTROL       0xA3

rem VK_LMENU          0xA4

rem VK_RMENU          0xA5

rem VK_PROCESSKEY     0xE5

rem VK_ATTN           0xF6

rem VK_CRSEL          0xF7

rem VK_EXSEL          0xF8

rem VK_EREOF          0xF9

rem VK_PLAY           0xFA

rem VK_ZOOM           0xFB

rem VK_NONAME         0xFC

rem VK_PA1            0xFD

rem VK_OEM_CLEAR      0xFE

rem VK_SEMICOLON      0xBA

rem VK_EQUAL          0xBB

rem VK_COMMA          0xBC

rem VK_HYPHEN         0xBD

rem VK_PERIOD         0xBE

rem VK_SLASH          0xBF

rem VK_BACKQUOTE      0xC0

rem VK_BROWSER_BACK                  0xA6

rem VK_BROWSER_FORWARD               0xA7

rem VK_BROWSER_REFRESH               0xA8

rem VK_BROWSER_STOP                  0xA9

rem VK_BROWSER_SEARCH                0xAA

rem VK_BROWSER_FAVORITES             0xAB

rem VK_BROWSER_HOME                  0xAC

rem VK_VOLUME_MUTE                   0xAD

rem VK_VOLUME_DOWN                   0xAE

rem VK_VOLUME_UP                     0xAF

rem VK_MEDIA_NEXT_TRACK              0xB0

rem VK_MEDIA_PREV_TRACK              0xB1

rem VK_MEDIA_STOP                    0xB2

rem VK_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE              0xB3

rem VK_LAUNCH_MAIL                   0xB4

rem VK_LAUNCH_MEDIA_SELECT           0xB5

rem VK_LAUNCH_APP1                   0xB6

rem VK_LAUNCH_APP2                   0xB7



 print "VK_F1=";get key state(0x70)