This command will create a new camera for the 3D scene.

MAKE CAMERA Camera Number
Camera Number

The camera number


This command does not return a value.


You can position this camera anywhere in the scene and alter the output view of this camera using the SET CAMERA VIEW command.

Example Code
autocam on:backdrop on

make matrix 1,4000,4000,100,100

set matrix height 1,50,50,500

update matrix 1

make camera 1

position camera 1,0,500,500

point camera 1,2000,0,2000

set camera to image 1,1,128,128

fov=45:range=1000:size=0:aspect=screen width()/screen height()

point camera 0,2000,0,2000

while mouseclick()<>1

paste image 1,0,0

set cursor 0,0

print "a-z Field-Of-View Angle ",fov

print "s-x viewing range of the camera ",range

print "d-c viewport of the camera ",size

print "f-v Aspect Ratio ",aspect

if inkey$()="a" then fov=fov-1:if fov<0 then fov=0

if inkey$()="z" then fov=fov+1

if inkey$()="s" then range=range-1:if range<0 then range=0

if inkey$()="x" then range=range+1

if inkey$()="d" then size=size-1:if size<0 then size=0

if inkey$()="c" then size=size+1

if inkey$()="f" then aspect=aspect-1:if aspect<0 then aspect=0

if inkey$()="v" then aspect=aspect+1

set camera fov  0,fov

set camera range  0,1,range

set camera view  0,size,size,screen width()-size,screen height()-size

set camera aspect  0,aspect


while mouseclick()=1 : endwhile

delete matrix 1:autocam off:backdrop off

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