This command will construct a 3D object from a single sided flat mesh.

MAKE OBJECT PLAIN Object Number, Width, Height
MAKE OBJECT PLAIN Object Number, Width, Height, Orientation
Object Number

The object number Width Float
The width Height Float
The height Orientation Integer
Use the optional parameter of one to restore the orientation to conform with that used by the other objects


This command does not return a value.


The mesh is used as the root limb for the 3D object. The 3D object will be constructed untextured and such models will appear white when displayed. The parameters should be specified using integer values. By default this primitive is facing away from the camera when created and so any lighting is being performed on the side not immediately visible to the camera. This causes such properties such as shading and colouring not to be seen until the primitive is rotated to face the camera. Be aware that the default orientation of the plain is reversed, contrary to the orientation of other primitive objects. Use the optional parameter of one to restore the orientation to conform with that used by the other objects. A reversed plain exhibits the issues of darker colouring and a 180 degree rotation on the Y axis.

Example Code
sync on

sync rate 120

hide mouse

cls 0


make object sphere ObjectNumber,10

color object ObjectNumber,rgb(0,0,255)

while mouseclick()=0

set cursor 0,0

if scancode()>1 and scancode()<8 then if object exist(ObjectNumber)=1 then delete object ObjectNumber

if inkey$()="1" then make object cube ObjectNumber,10:color object ObjectNumber,rgb(0,0,255)

if inkey$()="2" then make object box ObjectNumber,10,10,20:color object ObjectNumber,rgb(0,0,255)

if inkey$()="3" then make object cylinder ObjectNumber,10:color object ObjectNumber,rgb(0,0,255)

if inkey$()="4" then make object cone ObjectNumber,10:color object ObjectNumber,rgb(0,0,255)

if inkey$()="5" then make object plain ObjectNumber,10,10:color object ObjectNumber,rgb(0,0,255)

if inkey$()="6" then make object triangle ObjectNumber, 0, 0, 0, 5, 5, 0, 0, 5, 0:color object ObjectNumber,rgb(0,0,255)

xrotate object ObjectNumber,wrapvalue(object angle x(ObjectNumber)+1)

yrotate object ObjectNumber,wrapvalue(object angle y(ObjectNumber)+1)



delete object ObjectNumber

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