Copies a specified object to the static universe, along with additional information such as an internal Arbitrary value and its ability to cast a static shadow.

MAKE STATIC OBJECT Object Number, Collision, Arbitrary Value, Cast Shadow, Portal Blocker
Object Number

The object number holding the mesh to be used in the static universe Collision Integer
The collision shape to give to the added mesh. A value of 0 means to use the polygons to form the shape, a value of 1 means to use a box shape, a value of 2 will calculate a reduced mesh to optimise collision performance and a value of 3 will use no coll Arbitrary Value Integer
A value you can insert into the mesh data which can be read back later Cast Shadow Integer
Set this to one to cause the static geometry to cast a stencil shadow, when properly set up Portal Blocker Integer
Set this value to 0 to inform the mesh it will not block any portals within the scene, a value of 1 will mean the mesh is scanned to check if there are any holes that will prevent it from being solid and a value of 2 will mean the mesh is completely soli


This command does not return a value.

Example Code
cls 0 : ink rgb(255,255,255),0 : circle 16,16,14

scorchimage=1 : get image scorchimage,0,0,32,32

set static universe 40*100,21*100,40*100


if file exist(tfile$)=1

 dividetexturesize=0 : load static objects tfile$,dividetexturesize : omax=1


 collision=2 : Arbitraryvalue=0 : shadow=1 : portal=1 : o=1

 for x=0 to 10 : for z=0 to 10

  make object box o,100,5,100 : position object o,x*100,2.5,z*100

  make static object o,collision,Arbitraryvalue,shadow,portal : inc o

  if x=6 and z=6

   make object cube o,25 : make mesh from object 1,o : position object o,x*100,-10,z*100

   for l=1 to 15 : add limb o,l,1 : offset limb o,l,0,l*28,0 : make static limb o,l,collision,Arbitraryvalue,shadow,portal : next l : inc o


 next z : next x

 for w=1 to 4

  if w=1 then sx=1000 : sz=50 : px=500 : pz=0

  if w=2 then sx=1000 : sz=50 : px=500 : pz=1000

  if w=3 then sx=50 : sz=1000 : px=0 : pz=500

  if w=4 then sx=50 : sz=1000 : px=1000 : pz=500

  make object box o,sx,200,sz : position object o,px,100,pz

  make static object o,collision,Arbitraryvalue,shadow,portal : inc o

 next w

 for er=12 to 33 : delete static object er : next er

 build static portals : delete light map lights : add static objects to light map pool

 make object cube o,100 : position object o,600,75,400 : add object to light map pool o

 make mesh from object 3,o : add limb o,1,3 : offset limb o,1,0,0,-125

 add limb to light map pool o,1 : inc o

 add light map light 400,90,800,500,255,0,0,50,1

 add light map light 200,90,400,500,0,255,0,50,1

 add light map light 800,90,200,500,0,0,255,50,1

 texturesize=16 : texturequality=1 : lightmapsavepath$="lightmaps"

 if path exist(lightmapsavepath$)=0 then make directory lightmapsavepath$

 create light maps texturesize,texturequality,lightmapsavepath$

 if file exist(tfile$)=1 then delete file tfile$

 save static objects tfile$ : omax=o

 for i=1 to omax-1 : delete object i : next i


set static scorch scorchimage,1,1

d=omax : make object cone d,100 : make mesh from object 2,d : add limb d,1,2 : rotate limb d,1,90,0,0

offset limb d,1,0,0,50 : scale limb d,1,30,100,30

position object d,500,150,600 : color object d,rgb(255,255,0) : yrotate object d,0 : attach object to static d

make object cube d+1,50 : position object d+1,700,200,500 : make object box d+2,100,100,20 : make object box d+3,80,80,40

perform csg difference d+2,d+3 : position object d+3,100,150,925 : position object d+2,100,50,925

make object box d+4,100,100,20 : make object box d+5,80,80,40 : perform csg union d+4,d+5 : position object d+5,300,150,925 : position object d+4,300,50,925

make object box d+6,100,100,20 : make object box d+7,80,80,40 : perform csg intersection d+6,d+7 : position object d+7,500,150,925 : position object d+6,500,50,925

make object box d+8,100,100,20 : make object box d+9,80,80,40 : perform csg clip d+8,d+9 : position object d+9,700,150,925 : position object d+8,700,50,925

make object sphere d+11,75,30,30 : make mesh from object d+11,d+11 : reduce mesh d+11,0,0,10,5,10

delete object d+11 : make object d+11,d+11,0 : position object d+11,900,150,925

make object box d+10,100,100,20 : make mesh from object d+10,d+10

lock vertexdata for mesh d+10

perform csg difference on vertexdata d+11 : perform csg union on vertexdata d+11 : perform csg intersection on vertexdata d+11

unlock vertexdata

delete object d+10 : make object d+10,d+10,0 : position object d+10,900,50,925

set global shadows on : set global shadow shades 1 : set global shadow color 0,0,0,64

set shadow light 1,300,500,700,2000 : set shadow position -1,300,500,700

for i=0 to 11 : set shadow shading on d+i : next i

position camera 300,50,300 : point camera 500,50,500

set point light 0,500,300,500 : set ambient light 20

set normalization on : sync on : sync rate 60

while mouseclick()=0

 if inkey$()="-" then set static portals on

 if inkey$()="=" then set static portals off

 if inkey$()="[" then set static objects wireframe on

 if inkey$()="]" then set static objects wireframe off

 control camera using arrowkeys 0,2,4

 x#=object position x(d) : y#=object position y(d) : z#=object position z(d)

 nx#=newxvalue(x#,object angle y(d),75.0) : nz#=newzvalue(z#,object angle y(d),75.0)

 if static raycast(x#,y#,z#,nx#,y#,nz#)=0

  yrotate object d,object angle y(d)+rnd(10)/100.0 : move object d,1


  yrotate object d,object angle y(d)+1 : add static scorch 25,0


 if static volume(x#,y#,z#,x#,y#-5,z#,10)=0 then position object d,x#,y#-5,z#

 if createdinvisiblefloor=0

  make static collision box -100,-200,-100,1100,0,1100 : createdinvisiblefloor=1


  x#=object position x(d+1) : y#=object position y(d+1) : z#=object position z(d+1)

  if get static collision hit(x#-25,y#-25,z#-25,x#+25,y#+25,z#+25,x#-25,y#-30,z#-25,x#+25,y#+20,z#+25)=0

   y#=y#-grav# : inc grav#,0.5


   colArbitraryvalue=get static collision value() : colcount=get static collision count() : colfloor=get static collision floor()

   x#=x#+get static collision x() : y#=y#+get static collision y() : z#=z#+get static collision z()


  position object d+1,x#,y#,z#

  if static line of sight(x#,y#,z#,x#,y#-5,z#-1,0.1,0.1)=1 then grav#=grav#*-0.95




set global shadows off : detach object from static d : delete static objects

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