This command will get the current integer X movement value of the mouse pointer.

Return Integer=MOUSEMOVEX()

The difference between the current mouse x position and the last mouse x position


Instead of the actual mouse position, this command returns the difference between the current mouse X position and the last mouse X position. If you read them a second time between SYNCs, they will return zero.

Example Code


print "mousemovex "+str$(mousemovex())

print "mousemovey "+str$(mousemovey())

print "mousemovez "+str$(mousemovez())

print "mouse position x "+str$(mousex())

print "mouse position y "+str$(mousey())

print "mouse position z "+str$(mousez())

print "Press 1 to hide mouse"

print "Press 2 to show mouse"

print "Press 3 to change mouse image"

print "Press 4 to change mouse image back"

print "Press 5 to position mouse to top of screen"

if scancode()=2 then hide mouse

if scancode()=3 then show mouse

if scancode()=4 then change mouse 1

if scancode()=5 then change mouse 0

if scancode()=6 then position mouse mousex(),0

if mouseclick()=1 then print "left mouse button"

if mouseclick()=2 then print "right mouse button"