This command will move the camera in the direction it is facing.

MOVE CAMERA Distance Value
MOVE CAMERA Camera Number, Distance Value
Camera Number

The camera number Distance Value Float
The step value specifies how far to move the camera


This command does not return a value.


The step value specifies how far to move the camera and should be a real number.

Example Code
autocam on

make matrix 1,4000,4000,100,100

set matrix height 1,50,50,500

update matrix 1

while mouseclick()<>1

set cursor 0,0

print "USE ARROW KEYS TO MOVE / A+Z XRotate / S+X ZRotate"

print "SPACE/RETURN To Toggle Rotation Order"

if upkey()=1 then move camera 0,5.0

if downkey()=1 then move camera 0,-5.0

if leftkey()=1 then y#=y#-1

if rightkey()=1 then y#=y#+1

if inkey$()="a" then x#=x#-1

if inkey$()="z" then x#=x#+1

if inkey$()="s" then z#=z#-1

if inkey$()="x" then z#=z#+1

if spacekey()=1 then set camera rotation zyx 0

if returnkey()=1 then set camera rotation xyz 0

xrotate camera 0,x#:yrotate camera 0,y#:zrotate camera 0,z#


while mouseclick()=1 : endwhile

delete matrix 1

autocam off

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