This command will set the viewport of the camera.

SET CAMERA VIEW Left, Top, Right, Bottom
SET CAMERA VIEW Camera Number, Left, Top, Right, Bottom
Camera Number

The camera number Left Integer
The left side of the camera position on screen Top Integer
The top of the camera position on screen Right Integer
The right side of the camera position on screen Bottom Integer
The bottom of the camera position on screen


This command does not return a value.


The viewport is the actual area on screen where all 3D is drawn. The default viewport area is the entire screen, but can be specified using this command. You must specify the screen coordinates using integer values.

Example Code
autocam on:backdrop on

make matrix 1,4000,4000,100,100

set matrix height 1,50,50,500

update matrix 1

make camera 1

position camera 1,0,500,500

point camera 1,2000,0,2000

set camera to image 1,1,128,128

fov=45:range=1000:size=0:aspect=screen width()/screen height()

point camera 0,2000,0,2000

while mouseclick()<>1

paste image 1,0,0

set cursor 0,0

print "a-z Field-Of-View Angle ",fov

print "s-x viewing range of the camera ",range

print "d-c viewport of the camera ",size

print "f-v Aspect Ratio ",aspect

if inkey$()="a" then fov=fov-1:if fov<0 then fov=0

if inkey$()="z" then fov=fov+1

if inkey$()="s" then range=range-1:if range<0 then range=0

if inkey$()="x" then range=range+1

if inkey$()="d" then size=size-1:if size<0 then size=0

if inkey$()="c" then size=size+1

if inkey$()="f" then aspect=aspect-1:if aspect<0 then aspect=0

if inkey$()="v" then aspect=aspect+1

set camera fov 0,fov

set camera range 0,1,range

set camera view 0,size,size,screen width()-size,screen height()-size

set camera aspect 0,aspect


while mouseclick()=1 : endwhile

delete matrix 1:autocam off:backdrop off

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